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"How To Be Your Own Boss Producing High-In-Demand Product for the Nigerian Market"

From: Sulyman Kehinde Husayn


Dear friend,

Are You Tired of searching all the webs on how to start a very lucrative business?
Use this “BE YOUR OWN BOSS NOW GUIDE” to gain all knowledge needed to set up your own business in a very cost-effective and fast way!

 As a matter of fact, with as little as #3000, you can start a small company today and grow it big within a month.

I'm talking about starting the production of daily need products with small capital, in your spare time and creating a fabulous part-time residual income beginning in your very first year.

If perchance, you are thinking of what venture to engage in, then be encourage to take a look at these ever-profit yielding and money making businesses.

1. Production of liquid washing soap
2. Production of hair washing shampoo
3. Production of liquid air freshener
4. Production of germicides
5. Production of insecticide
6. Production of bleach
7. Production of medicated soap
8. Production of non-medicated soap
9. Production of body cream
10. Production of petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
11. Production of liquid toilet soap (harpic)
12. Production of house paint
13. Production of customize candle
14. Production of laundry soap (bar soap)
15. Production of shoe polish
16. Production of yoghurt
17. Production of custard
18. Production of powdery detergent
19. Production of tile cleaner
20. Production of car wash solution. e.t.c

Think that you need to have tons of CASH as capital before you can start these businesses?


It is interesting to note that any of these businesses can be started with as low as #3,000 only.

The best Part Of It Is That You May Do Them At Home, Meaning You Don't Need To Hire A Shop Or An Office Space.







 You can work at your own place when you want, how you want.
You are your own boss.
You decide your own salary.
You can have as much vacation as you like, spend quality time with loved ones.
You do not work for money, rather, money works for you

           So what's stopping you?


Be your own boss Manual

20 business you can do in Nigeria that can never fail

By:  Sulyman k. Husayn



Be your own boss CD

20 businesses you can do in Nigeria that can never fail                     

By:   Suymen k.Husayn



With  this start-up manual or VCD or both, you will be able to start your own company for production of daily needs products with small capital, confidently and profitably from the very beginning and avoiding common pit falls and mistakes that cost most business men or women their financial future.

You will learn how to produce:







1.       LIQUID SOAP: can be used at homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and eateries. This product is widely used and in high demand. ,

ANTISEPTIC (like “dettol”): for use at home and in hospitals. ideal for bathing and cleaning.
GERMICIDE (like “izal”): for use at home and in hospitals, cleaning of lavatories, abattoir, e.t.c.

1.       BLEACH: for removing coloration and stubborn stains from white clothes.

1.       PERFUMED HAND WASH: hand cleaner and odour remover.

1.       TOILET WASH :( ceramic tiles stain  remover) leaves your toilet, tiles, floor, windows and other glassy surfaces sparkling clean.

Plus not less than twenty (20) highly demanding daily needs products.
Not only that, you will discover:

• A detail report of how you can professionally package and market your products.
• Contact numbers and addresses of some chemical merchant in various states.

Download now

I hope you get the point now! Or do we still look at some bonuses that come with these wonderful guide materials?

Okay, I’ll let you see some bonuses that you will get if you order for “BE YOUR OWN BOSS” guide materials.


Business Name Registration Secret

                           FREE BONUS GIFT #1


This product normally sells #5000

-------but today it is yours FREE.


How to buy Cheap UK USED Laptop

                            FREE BONUS GIFT #2
Where to buy cheap slightly used U.K used laptop and black-berry phone with 100% warranty. This product normally sell for #7,500 --------but today it is yours



Conversation With Millionaire

Powerful e-book

                            FREE BONUS GIFT #3

Conversation with millionaire” the excellent book that help you to accelerate your business into a huge company and transform you to millionaire within numbers of days.
-This product normally sells for #3,500

----but today it is yours free.




You are going to love the prices-----Now I'm   sure you are thinking this is going to be expensive. Considering all the expert research that has gone into these materials and the fact that I am giving you a fail-safe step by step system which will dramatically increase your chances of success in setting up your own daily needs production company.

This materials easily worth #250000, But considering these are relatively  new products, and I` m keen to Set some feedback on them. I have discounted the price for a couple of weeks. So for a few weeks the price goes thus.                                                                                                                                                    

Manual Only at #3000

VCD Only at #4000

Manual + VCD at #6000


So for a few weeks, the price is fabulously low, but it will not stay this low for long. so, please be quick and take action now!


I am very glad that a good number of ordinary people have had their live immediately transformed when they took the decision of purchasing one or both of these guides. They are now joyfully earning handsome pile of cash every day by simply setting up their daily need production companies with the assistance of these guides:.

---John Dennis



Dear Sir,

I can't express the joy you have imparted on my life with package that I purchased from you. But I must first thank God for you and for helping me to get where I am now. I bought both the VCD and the  manual which open my eyes to what I am doing presently. I started with #3000 only, now I am earning nothing less than #50,000 weekly from this business. I am very grateful to you for this and may God bless you,

Frederick Morgan.


I've studies your manual on “Be Your own boss” it is very detailed and easy to understand. The tips are very practical.

You are a very good mentor. I have started the productions and I am grateful that I am making a lot of money from them. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Dolapo  Bankole, Student, the polytechnic, Ibadan.


Making money from daily need production was firstly viewed as been a Fluke because I never imagined one could ever make such type of money from just daily need production.

But after purchasing “BE YOUR OWN BOSS” VCD from Mr. Sulyman kehinde, I am now producing up to ten products out of over twenty products taught  in the package.

Presently I am earning over #80,000 monthly from my business.

As for me, daily need production is the best way to start your own business, to be self independent and earn a lot of cash daily at your spare time.

Gbenga Damilare (Lagos)

After  learning about daily need production business from Mr. Sulyman Kehinde, I introduced it to my son who happens to be a political science graduate. in fact, I must tell you, he paid for his second year school  fee, accommodation, feeding and all of that, with what he made from the business.

           Presently he has set up his industry and vow not to work for anybody again.

          And all this my son got through me, which I got from Mr. Sulyman Kehinde, Thank you so much Mr. Sulyman God bless you for revealing this wonderful opportunity to us …….       

Pastor Patrick Adelodun from Sango Ota in Ogun State.

YES! Husayn, I Want To take advantage of this Money making opportunity now!

I Understand that Once I Order My Copy of "BE YOUR OWN BOSS" Package, Then I Automatically qualify for all The benefits available as Well As bonuses.

Like I said those guys took a decision, now, it is your turn. Will you allow this opportunity to slip by or you will grab it with both hands. Remember  to achieve anything in life action is needed.

          Don't delay; act fast start your own daily need production company today and free yourself from financial worries. Make that decision today.

                                                      MATTER OF FACT

“This is the best investment you will make this year” offer last till end of this month.

                                                     HOW TO ORDER

Step one; Make payment: you can make your payment  using any of the payment detail below: pay the sum of #3000 (manual only), #4000 (VCD only) or #6000 (Both manual and VCD) only into any of the following bank account.


Account Name; Excellent Wealth Solution

Account Number: 3098099790

Account Type: Savings Account



Account Name:  sulyman Kehinde Husayn

Account Name: 0034642615

Account Type:  Savings Account


Bank:       U.B.A

Account Name:   Sulyman Kehinde Husayn

Account Number:  2008798653

Account Type:  Savings Account


BANK:        U.B.A    

Account Name:  sulyman Kehinde Husayn

Account Number: 1015184013

Account Type: Current account


BANK:    Stanbic I.B.T.C

Account Number: Sulyman Kehinde Husayn

Account Number: 0009087706

Account Type: Current Account


STEP TWO: After payment, send your payment notification in the following format: “Be your own boss” Manual and VCD, Depositor's name, Bank used, Teller number, amount paid, e-mail address, full home address, State of resident and phone number} to 08032315716.

After payment is confirmed, expect delivery of your packages within 24-48 hours, guaranteed!


Waste no more time! Hurry and get your package or packages now; be your own boss, Start your own business and Start smiling to the bank.

To show how serious I am, I am also offering a 100%, 60-day, money back guaranteed. Now, your future is at your hand, Take Action Now.

To Your Success,

Sulyman Kehinde Husayn


Tel: +2348032315716

P.S. Remember, The additional Bonus benefits is only for a limited time and may be remove any time. So Right now you have the opportunity to grab it now while it is still available today.

like I said earlier, this isn't any marketing hype, and am not giving you false scarcity tactics. We're just definitely sure the Additional Bonus Benefit could be reduce by the time you come back later. Once we have piles of excess work on our hands, we will drop some bonus from our list.

 So what are you waiting for?

Order Your package now!

P.P.S. Our Be Your own Boss Book and VCD will enable your business take off with speed. should you have any question before ordering our Be Your own boss package, Do let me know and we will be glad to assist you. Take action now!


Also Click the link below to download my free Ebook gift to you.

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